Customer Conversation Platform

After we make your WhatsApp and other Chat Apps become robot, we find that we need a visualization platform.

To this end, we have delivered an aggregated chat platform that supports multi-person collaboration and aggregates multiple accounts, which can help you and your colleagues better serve user messages on all accounts.

In addition to replying on the page, you can also send and receive messages synchronously through the API.

Cross IM channel shared inbox for all customer communication


Respond faster every time


Reduce Labour Cost


Maximum Customer Load

Draft messages with your team and comment internally behind-the-scenes.

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We provide a single app to chat on WeChat, WhatsApp, and 5 other networks. You can search, prioritize, and mute messages.

And with a unified inbox, you’ll never miss a message again.

It’s never been easier to work together on client requests.

  • Follow up faster:Save time answering common questions with canned, personalized responses, and send the perfect help article in a single click.s
  • Unite your customer data/Personalize all your customer interactionsUnite your customer data:Segment your messages based on rich visitor data, and arm your sales team with the information they need to close more deals.
  • Smarter collaboration:Draft responses together without duplicating tasks, missing context, or losing time.

Get all your conversation data

See why we can do that→

The applications you want to automate usually does not provide an open API.

We provide an industry-exclusive RPA robot that allows you to control it extremely easily.

It’s all on the record. Keep client feedback and context where it belongs.

Security that scales with you. Daily backups ensure performance never slips.

Communication analyzation. Track performance, customer satisfaction and growth.